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Seagrave United Church Vision and Mission

At the Annual Meeting of 2016 02 22, the Draft Report on the Vision and Mission for Seagrave United Church was passed.  Due to a heavy agenda, we were unable to address each item; secondly some of them are going to have to be delayed for a year or two and thirdly, there are congregation members in Florida who we know would like to help. 

The following chart of our vision and mission will be posted at the church and members of the congregation are asked to consider taking on one of our Mission Goal action items and being a “champion” for that action item.  Over the next 5 weeks, there will be a brief introduction given to each of our five mission goals.  Please consider helping us achieve our Vision for Seagrave United Church.

Seagrave Vision and Mission


Vision:  Inviting the community to Share and Grow in God's Love . . .  

Inviting + Sharing = Growing

Mission: To achieve our vision, in 2016 we will

·       Conduct Activities for Families as a whole

·       Emphasize the diversity of our congregation

·       Emphasis on helping and supporting

Mission Goal 1: As a Christian community, we believe we need to involve seniors in all activities

·       At the annual meeting volunteers will be requested to organize a series of seminars on aging


·       At the annual meeting, a volunteer who will coordinate “Cook for a cause - seniors for seniors”, will be selected


Mission Goal 2: As a Christian community, we believe we need to involve youth in activities

·       A budget will be established by the Board Of Stewards for each committee to use to employee youth and involve them with fundraising activities

Board of Stewards and Committee Chairs

·       The outreach committee will organize a Jam Session or talent night for June.

Outreach Committee will try and find a volunteer to organize this event

Mission Goal 3: As a Christian community, we believe we need to ensure all can access our programs

·       At the annual meeting a group will be formed to initiate and form a Welcome Wagon Program




·       Better designed communications throughout the community.  An ad hoc committee will be established to develop a communication plan.


·       All members of the congregation will be encouraged to use Knock on doors and face-to-face interaction       


Mission Goal 4: As a Christian community, we believe we need emphasize the diversity of congregation

·       Frequent activities outside church. 

o   A community picnic and community Christmas Eve Service will be continued.

o   The Sunday School will organize an Easter program for community kids and another Community Food Drive for Operation Scugog.

o   In 2017, consideration might be given to running an all-day program for elementary aged children during the March Break


·       A motion will be considered, at the annual meeting, to change the name to Seagrave United Community Church or just Seagrave Church


Mission Goal 5: As a Christian community, we believe we need to conduct activities that focus on the Families as a Whole

·       Sponsor a family at Christmas. 




·       Park Activities- This is being addressed in Mission Goal 4.




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