Chat Group 3  Information,

Facilitators: Rev. Bob Root,  Rev. Rodney Smith-Merkley, Betty Lou Beacock.



Rev. Rodney Smith-Merkley welcomed everyone to the meeting at 7:00 p.m. and led us in worship.

The following people were present: Rev. Rodney Smith-Merkley(Bobcaygeon) Facilitator, Betty Lou Beacock Facilitator/Note Taker (Seagrave), Rev. Bob Root(Peterborough)  Facilitator Coordinator, Howard Payne (Seagrave), Rev. M. Robin Thomson (Breckon), Margaret Curtis (Sunderland), Judy Vestby (Sunderland), Dale Dixon (Beaverton), Kerri Jebson (Cannington), Rev. Jeannette Millar (Cannington),Nancy Henderson (Cannington), Ann Boyd (Woodville), Rev. Wanda Stride (Woodville).

This meeting recognizes a change in what's happening. Over a year ago 5 groups that were from over our Presbytery began to meet with two Facilitators, in response to the recognition of changes taking place across the United Church of Canada as well as Kawartha Highlands Presbytery.

In forming these groups, it was Presbytery�s hope that:

  • that pastoral charges would get to know their neighbours

  • that they would share conversation about what is happening (or not) in their pastoral charges

  • that they might begin to explore & dream of how better to be the Church in their area

  • that shared programming would be encouraged

  • that when changes in ministry personnel are taking place, conversations might occur about sharing ministry personnel, or finding new ways of being the church.

A year later, as we review what has been happening in the Presbytery, it is the feeling of the facilitators that the goals have been accomplished.

  • There has been much conversation in congregations across the Presbytery about how to be the church in these changing times

  • -Some shared programming has been happening, and more is being planned

  • Regional Team Ministry conversations are taking place in one group, and another group is beginning to consider those conversations

  • People are beginning to attend events outside of their own pastoral charge

  • Communication between pastoral charges is improving

  • Some pastoral charges in transition are talking about sharing ministry personnel

  • Some pastoral charges are having joint services

  • One pastoral charge is in the midst of an amalgamation process

Because things have been moving forward, the facilitators believe that it's time for the groups to determine their own future and process. And so, this is the last meeting at which Presbytery facilitators will be present. The purpose of this meeting was to determine whether or not people want to continue these conversations, and, if so, how best to accomplish this. It is Presbytery's hope that the work will continue and that people will continue to listen for the Spirit's leading into the future.

As Chat Group #3 decided to meet once or twice during the year there will continue to be support for you, only in a different way.

The next meeting for Chat Group #3 will be Tuesday,April 4th at 7:00 p.m./ at SEAGRAVE UNITED CHURCH in Seagrave. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS

As we left the meeting the following Blessing was read:

As you leave, know this:

You are loved; you are called God's own.

God invites you to share God's work in this place, at this time,

as only you can.

Know that God will be present with you

wherever you are and

whenever you bring love and kindness to others.

Go in peace.

Go with God�s blessing. Amen

Rodney Smith-Merkley,  Facilitator

Betty Lou Beacock, Facilitator/Note taker

Kawartha Highlands Presbytery

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