The following is a summary of the suggestions that were submitted at the Seagrave Church Pot Luck and Conversation on May 6, 2014.  The Survey Committee has met and discussed the implementation of some of these ideas.  We have "miles to go before we rest".

Programs Initiated To Date

1. Come Walk With Us - Wednesday nights at 7:00
2. After school Program for Kids - not initiated because we could not recruit enough volunteers to run the program.  Proposal will be modified and reintroduced.


• Hallowe’en food drive
• Bocce ball tournament
• Croquette tournament
• Use park area (tennis courts)
• Carolling night – no sermon
• Horse/sleigh rides
• Show & Shine
• Bazar
• Prayers for congregation members or community – specific “safe flight for x”
• Parking
• Welcome new neighbours
• Respite for caregivers
• Prayer meetings
• Seagrave vs Greenbank church challenge
• Scrabble night
• Mission trip
• More casual meetings, collect ideas and share thoughts
• Craft day
• Themed Sundays – “spiffy Sunday, PJ Sunday”
• Talent night
• Auction
• Bus trip – aquarium, zoo, Botanical Gardens
• Guest book – include email addresses


• Community street dance, BBQ, Pig Roast
• Kids fun day
• Bake Sale
• Combined events with Greenbank
• Gathering place – drop in social place
• Golf tournament
• pot lucks
• Women’s retreat
• Book club
• Outdoor community drive in night
• Horseshoe tournament
• Murder mystery dinner
• Wine tasting, beer sampling
• Cheese pairings
• Theme party
• Camera club
• Flea market, community yard sale
• Secret guest for dinner
• More senior events during the day and evening
• Survivor challenge, scavenger hunt, car rally
• Singing group
• Movie night
• Walking group
• Thai chi and yoga classes
• Canada Day BBQ and fireworks
• Painting class
• Travel presentation/speakers night
• Spelling bee
• Scrapbooking day
• Music night, jam session

Kid Specific

• Summer camp
• Weekend camps
• Email blasts, Facebook, webpage, posters, newspaper, word of mouth, flyers
• Church contact cards
• Skating
• hiking, bushcrafts
• keep them active and engaged
• snow day or PA day activities
• dart or baseball tournament
• soccer tournament
• corn roast
• after school program
• homework club

• Rubber duck races in the river
• One Friday a month activity night “youth group” attendees plan the event for the next month
• Reading buddy program
• Ice rink in winter
• youth lead service
Moms and pre-schoolers

• Sunday school
• Coffee time and play session
• Baby and me yoga
• Babysitting services one afternoon or morning each week
• Day care
• After school activities
• Is there a need?
More intentionally welcoming

• Welcome baskets delivered to new community members
• Contact cards for businesses, certified babysitting services, etc.
• Open door to community event – Tuesday night socials
• More advertisement about upcoming events
         o Email blasts, Facebook, webpage, posters, newspaper, word of mouth, flyers
         o Church contact cards
• Wear name tags, have name tags available for guests
• “about our church” information in pews
• Kings Bay community bulletin board, webpage

Positive comments

·       Welcoming

·       Great support from community already

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