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Mrs. Mildred Sleep devoted many hours to help train Seagrave School's "Rhythm Band". We competed annually at the Kiwanis Music Festival in Cambridge St. United Church , Lindsay. The band returned home each year with "FIRST PRIZE".
Back Row: Teacher - Alma Frise; Ken Short; Earle Sornberger; Vera Thompson; Bernice Harding; May Thompson; Mrs. Sleep;
Mliddle Row: Audrey Harding; Betty Thompson; Maxine McMillan; Don Dowson; Graham Lester; Ross Short; Edith Thompson; David Gammon; Eunice Fishley;
Front Row: ; Joyce Harding; Leona Reynolds; Joan Ewen; Aileen McMillan; Marion Gordon
Seagrave School getting ready to march in the school fair  
An early picture (probably 1906-1910) of the church showing the shed that was used for concerts and also horses ln the winter Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church  
Communion Ticket 1901 A copy of a Banquet Ticket to honour Robert Thompson, one of the main supporters of the new church  
Seagrave School  Bethel School
Former Parsonage Built 1893  Ocean House  
Quadra Girls Club - they donated one of the picture windows behind the choir    
Church Post Card - 1907  Young People's Sunday School 1956
Back Row: L - R: Leona Reynolds; Neil Wanamaker; Vic Mason; Grant Butt; Don Wallace; Murdock Belair; Jim Cookson; Harvey Webster; Martin Fisher;
Middle Row: Eleanor Forester; Shirley Cookson; Enid Clements; Phyllis Keen; Marion Forester;
Front Row: Glenn Wanamaker (Leader); Bill Wanamaker; Ron Wanamaker
1987 -The Very Rev. Dr. Lois Wilson (left), the first woman moderator of the United Church of Canada with Gertrude Wanamaker, treasurer of Seagrave UCW and secretary Shirley Barr. Poster advertising the moderator's visit  
2005 - 80th Anniversaty of the United Church of Canada  80th Anniversary of United Church of Canada   
Concert in the Stable - 1999  100th Anniversary of the Seagrave United church