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Panamanian School

The Parade is practiced in every town/community in celebration of Flag day on Novemeber 4th. The schools are the starting and driving point of the parade in most of the smaller communities.

The flag was created in 1903 in secrecy. Hiding it from the Columbian army.  The flag is burned in a ceremony each year and replaced with a new one.
Pledge to the flag: I pledge to God and my country to love, respect and defend you as the sacred symbol of our nation. Viva Panama.
On that day we offered a ride to our indigenous neighbours. First trip we took a family of 4, but then returned to get a few more. Ended up with 13 (adults and children) in the car in one go. It still makes us smile.

Monika and Kevin Martyn
1. Girls in a typical Panamanian style dress. (Plain version of the famous
2.Panamanian school marching band. 3.Various kids and teachers in the parade from school.
  4. Various kids and teachers in the parade from school. 5. Various kids and teachers in the parade from school. 6.Kevin and Hardy finishing the cement wall.
7. Santos (our Indian worker) and Hardy 8. Santos and Hardy. 9. One of the new toilets and sinks
10. Inside the pantry. Vinyl ceiling, 6 sets of shelving, 1 ceiling fan, 1 exhaust fan. 11. Hardy putting up final trim 12. Work in progress
13. Work in progress 14. School ceremony on Flag day, student awards 15. End of the year school party for Kindergarten and grade ones ( school year ends mid December, back beginning of March. Dry season or summer