Rev. Stephanie Richmond

Stephanie believes our faith and understanding of the Divine is constantly growing and developing. She is committed to lifelong learning and development.

Her love for children makes the children’s time fun and interactive. She brings the Bible alive in her sermons using dramatic imagery and delivers a message relevant to our everyday lives. Her great love of life and the well being of others, is one of the first impression you feel when meeting her. She has a very new and fresh out look towards the youth in the community.

Seagrave United Church is a sacred place where we open ourselves up to new ways of seeing and understanding God’s Spirit working in our lives. It is a place where all present feel safe and are invited to add to the our community of faith, love, caring.

Stephanie and all the members at Seagrave United Church invite you to come and experience God’s love on Sunday mornings. All are welcome here.

If you need a visit or a special pray contact Stephanie by phone or text 905-718-8086, email:

She is not afraid to take on new challenges and ideas, so your suggestions are always welcomed.
Rev. Stephanie Richmond
Greenbank/Seagrave United Church Pastoral Charge

Rev Richard Parker                  

    Milk Bag mat out reach project.                                  Bless of the Milk Bag Mats for people of need.                             Blessing of the pets service.


Story time with youth before they go to Sunday school to learn and play!


Graduated from Emmanuel Collage Toronto 2018.            Stephanie and husband Bill at Seagraves out to lunch.

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