Hi Kids and Adults alike Welcome. We all have MOM'S.

Whether your MOM is near by or not, she is still with you in heart and soul,  

you can show her you care by doing one of these simple projects below.

You are going to need colour paper, a pencil, scissors and crayons. Fold the paper in half and draw around your hand as showing. (do not cut two marked areas.)
Cut the area you drew with the pencil ,using your scissors, and open the folded paper, it should look like above picture. Note the heart shape in the middle. :) Fold the paper back in half and print M♥M on it (note I tried to make the O in mom look like a heart). Open your card and print on the inside and draw around the heart in the middle of the card.

You will need paper folded in half, crayons, glue and a muffin paper cup liner. Glue the muffin cup to the front of the card. After it is dry colour it as shown.
Print as shown above. Maybe you could write a special message she would like to hear from you. Open the card and print or draw pictures on the inside. Add your name too!


You are going to need colour paper, a pencil, scissors, glue and crayons. Fold a piece of paper in half, trace out your hand and cut it out so you have two paper hands. Cut a piece of paper about 5 cm wide and 20cm and print on it THIS MUCH. Fold the paper back and forth and glue it to the hands.  Draw pictures and print on it WE LOVE YOU on the outside of the hands, add your name and some hugs and kisses.

Here are some other Mother Day Cards you can make.
Have fun and Always Love your family and everyone else.

Do not Forget Grandma is a Mother too!




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