Hi Kids and adults alike welcome.

This project is to build a Bird Bath. You will enjoy watching the birds playing in the water.

Do not ever use power tools, hammers or other dangerous items without an adult or your Mom / Dad helping and supervising.

We at Seagrave United Church believe in sharing all you do with an adult so you both can learn and have fun together so get your grandparents to help also.


There is no set plans for this project. The base and top will depend on what you use as the bird bath. I used a base from a larger flower pot, you can also use a plastic garbage can lid.

The height of the bird bath should be 2 feet off the ground. Nail the base to the ground with 8 inch galvanized nails so the wind will not blow it over. For the top use galvanized deck screws with washers to stop it from get blowing off. Keep the water clean, change every third day.


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