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Methodist Congregation at Shaw’s School


Rev. N. E. Scott

Methodist Church services held in new school constructed in the eighteen sixties


Rev. H. A. Brown




Seagrave Methodist Church and parsonage built on lot at 14 Isabella St.



Layton joins Seagrave Circuit and Pleasant Point joins Little Britain Circuit


Rev. T. W. Leggott

Parsonage burns


Rev. J. H. Stonehouse



Rev. G. H. Kenny

 Parsonage rebuilt


Rev. J. W. Elliott



Rev. C. Mearing



Rev. F. W. White



Rev. S. F. Dixon



Rev. M. Metherall



Rev. S. T. Tucker



Rev. W. J. Young



Rev. J. U. Robbins

Building of Seagrave Methodist Church—$6,962.00 cost to build church. Volunteer labour


Rev. R. A. Delve

Church dedicated


Rev. F. Johnston




Shaw’s Church (Bethel) Congregation transferred to Seagrave



Church paid off


Rev. Geo. Marvin






Rev. F. G. Joblin

The right stained glass window donated by the Quadra Girl's Club


Rev. T. A. Carmichael




Church Union


Rev. R. G. Carruthers



Rev. B. F. Green



Rev. J.W. Davidson



Rev. 0. R. Flindall




Women’s Association of Seagrave Church


Rev. J. McLachlan



Rev. W. R. Tristram



Rev. H. G. Lister



Rev. D. P. Morris



Rev. G. Patten



Rev. A. W. Lougheed



Rev. Thos. Wallace

Miss Willoros organized W.M.S. (Women's Missionary Society)


Rev. E. McNeil

Furnace moved from southwest corner of church to the Furnace Room. Parsonage sold 14 Isabella St., Bruce & Judy Carr lived there



Golden Jubilee



Sunday School Choir performs on Sunday School of the Air

1962   United Church Women formed
1964 Rev. D. Harris W.M.S. disbanded
1969 Barbara Short organist until 1975



Seagrave Charge ended. Greenbank Charge created  - Greenbank, Pinedale, and Seagrave

1967   Diamond Jubilee - celebrated September 24, 1967
    Leadership of Rev. David J. Harris.
    Rev. George Davison, Melville Pastoral Charge, spoke at the
    morning service
    Rev. J. K. Braham, M.A., B.D., Chairman of Lindsay Presbytery
    spoke in the evening


Rev. L.A. Critch


1973 Rev. J.V. Roundell Kitchen modernized.
Organist -Joan Lee from 1975
1981 Rev. A.M. Rodgers Jr. choir award, Leaders Joan Lee & Fern Tobin
1982 Bert Wanamaker Treasurer then Gertie Wanamaker.
Sept. 1981 75th Anniversary
Left choir window stained glass donated by Eustace McNeil.


Rev. David Shepherd


80th Anniversary Seagrave Church
   - September 28, 1986
     Rev. David Shepherd - led the service
     Rev. Jack Roundell - guest speaker



25th Anniversary of the UCW—Rev. Dr. Lois M. Wilson, moderator, was speaker

Joan Lee retired as organist
Muriel Jebson new organist
Gertie Wanamaker resigned as Treasurer 1995
Youth Group- Sarah Shepherd, Mark Sturman, Paul Wanamaker, Lee Beacock
Cub's stayed overnight in basement
Basement panelled in 1991
Flower garden south of church began
1997 Rev. Ross Carson
Renovations- New roof, Sunday School ceiling lowered, Furnace Room drywalled, oil tank problem-leak
Christmas Eve Service 1997- live animals.
1998 United We're Awesome
P.D. Day for kids, opened church for activities
1998 Muriel Jebson resigned from organist.
Sept. 1998 New Organist Doug Wylie hired from Oshawa
80th Anniversary Celebration of United Church of Canada
Pinedale United Church closes - Greenbank Charge now Greenbank and Seagrave
Joan Lee returned as organist
Seagrave United Church Centennial
April 23 - Rev. Mark Curtis
               Guest Speaker at morning service
Sept 9 - Display of memorabillia at church
             Horse and wagon tours of Seagrave
             Community BBQ
Sept 10 - 100th Anniversary Service
                Rev Nancy Knox, guest speaker


Rev. R.M. Thompson

 2 new gas furnaces installed


Rev Paul Moorhouse

Rev. Paul went on sick leave Feb. 16, 2014.
then long term sick leave on Aug 10, 2014.
He completed his ministry at Seagrave August 10, 2016

2014 Rev Rickard Parker
Started as our part time minister December 2014, well Rev Moorhouse was recovering.
The carpet was removed in The Great Room. The floor was sanded and re stained. Wynne and Wendy Hughes donated a beautiful carpet for the floor. An executive table and 12 leather chairs where added to complete the room, which is used for meetings and coffee hour each Sunday. Also a photocopier was donated.
Celebrated our 110th Anniversary. Guest speakers were Rev. David Shepherd and Rev. Ross Carson. Rev. Richard Parker was the host minister.
The 2 hot water tanks were removed from the kitchen to an area under the front steps. This area was blue foam installation. Installed an industrial dishwasher, 3 new stainless steel sinks , a counter top and wash up station for dishwasher.  A new stove was bought in time for Nov. turkey supper.
2018 Minister: Stephanie Richmond
January 1, 2018 starts of a new year and new journeys.
September updated washrooms new higher toilets with safety rails, new sink, soap dispenser and fresh coat of paint. A new projection system for the sanctuary used in operation with Sunday service.
2019   New tables in Friendship Hall.
2020   The session on Feb 10, 2020 closed Seagrave Church due to covid-19 virus.
Minister Stephanie started doing Services by Youtube videos. Many members of Greenbank and Seagrave church worked to make this possible, reading from the bible, sings, story's all from  home recording everything and Miss E. Hooker would put all the videos together into one service. The children of both church also read the readings and sang, the church community was every active, even if we could not meet in person. Pictures where sent in of what we are doing and shared at end of video as a coffee time, muchly enjoyed. 
Stephanie and Bill would drive around stopped at the driveway of church members talking for a distance. Visiting our members in retirement homes at a distance or by phone.
Seagrave session set up a weekly call list to see if anyone need help and just a friendly chat.
A food bank was setup to help all people in need as most companies closed down making it hard for people to make ends meet. The food bank had book, game, puzzles and other activities for all ages. When children where going back to school in middle of Sept. masks where add to the food bank table. Companies and restaurants slowly opened up, as government keeping check on virus numbers, but they went up. So in some areas, some place where closed down again and schools too.
On September 19th, 2020 (government would let 10 people meet inside at a distance) at this time Minister Stephanie was ordained as Reverend Stephanie and the service was broadcasted over Youtube for the friends, family and church members to watch.
The church is staying closed for now Sisson and the reopening committees feel for the safety of our members.


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